service: committees, associations

service: committees, associations

Member of the board of SOM (Foundation Communication Research) (1989-1993)

Member of the board of the International Federation of Communication Associations (1991-1993)

Treasurer of VSOM (Dutch Communication Association) (1990-1995)

Member of the science committee, PSCW-faculty, UvA (1986 -1988)

Member of the financial committee of the PSCW-faculty, UvA (1990 - 1995)

Governor of the Tele wijzer-board University van Amsterdam (UvA) (1992 - 1994) and UvAWIS (1994 -1996)

Member of the Committee of Experts IT-industry sector projects. Ministry of Economic Affairs (Senter, 1993-1996)

Member of the scientific committee of New Media Research Conference (1995-2001)

Member of the Central Work Council of TNO (1996-1998)

Secretary of the Forum Interconnection and Special Access (1997-1998)

Managing editor of Trends in Communication, Boom Publishers (1998-2002). Member of editorial board, LEA (2003)

Member of the scientific committee of (Regional) International Telecommunication Society (1998-2003, 2005 )

Member of the supervision commission on Measuring the Digital Economy, National Statistical Office (2000-2003)

Chair of Committee of Experts ITO, St. Telecom Groot-gebruikers & CCMA (2001-2003)

Member of Cie. Van Wijnbergen Municipality The Hague (2001-2002)

Elected secretary of the Communication and Technology Division of the International Communication Association 2003-2006

Member of Board of Science Klantenservice Kenniscentrum (Customer Center Knowledge Center)