funded research projects

funded research projects

Multimedia-applications: definition and development of concepts for Interpolis, Rabobank, KVGO, and Tamminga Siegers (1995) in collaboration with BIK, UvA (project-manager)

Strategy-study Rabobank on Internet, EDI and Chip Card technology (1995) (project-manager)

Effect of telecommunication on employment (Bipé, Paris, 1996)

Research project on Accessibility of Government Information Rathenau Institute (1995-1996) (project-manager)

Advice on Venture Capital and Multimedia (Ministry of Economical Affairs, 1996)

Advice for the Belgium Government, Department for Research and Development (1997)

Internet-economy (numbers (Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, HDTP, 1997) (project-manager)

Advice on Internet and Direct Marketing (DMSA, 1997) (project-manager)

Statistics on Telecommunication Market: Telecommunication sector in numbers (Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, HDTP, 1996-1997) (project-manager)

Internet Access and Services Providers: Evolution of the Internet and WWW. European Community, DG XIII (1997) In collaboration with Databank Consulting Milan and Idate Montpellier

Account team TNO-Police (1997). Project Information Systems, Organization and Police

Forum Interconnection and Conditional Access (1996-1998) (secretaris, project-manager)

Research domiciliation motives ICT-businesses, value chain integration and E-commerce. Municipality The Hague (1997) In collaboration with M&I-partners

Development of service concepts for communication between businesses and between business and customers RDC-Datacentre Amsterdam and City Development Corporation Rotterdam (1997-1998) (project-manager)

Internet-discussion Trans-mural Healthcare: A project in the context of Technology and Society-program. Ministry of Economic Affairs, Senter (1997-98). In collaboration with KUBrabant (project-manager)

The mapping of a research program for the police. Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations (1998)

ICT and Social Policy: the mapping of a research program with regard to the use of ICT for governance and management processes for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (1998). (project-manager)

The effects of ICT and Multimedia for the printing industry. Strategic Study for KVGO (Dutch organization for the print industry), TNO-STB, EIM (1998/1999) (project-manager)

The use of ICT in the home environment in 2010 Social Cultural Planning Office of the Netherlands (1999) (project-manager)

E-commerce Monitor. Ministry of Economic Affairs (1999) in collaboration with Dialogic en ECP.NL

Telecommunication Competition Monitor, OPTA (1999) in collaboration with Dialogic

E-commerce business models Back to the Bottom-line (2000) in collaboration with Dialogic and ECP.NL

Benchmark-study ICT City Development Corporation Rotterdam (2001) (project-manager)

ITeR-project, NWO (Dutch Scientific Foundation): Juridical, technical and political-economic aspects of interconnection (2000-2002), in collaboration with E. Dommering, IVIR, University of Amsterdam (project-manager)

Place: Physical Presence and Location Approaches for E-commerce Environments (2000-2002), Telematica Instituut Enschede, KPN Research, TU Delft (project-manager)

E-commerce business models Return to the Bottomline (2001) in collaboration with Dialogic and ECP.NL

Business Models for Innovative Telematics Applications (BiTa). (2002). Telematica Instituut Enschede, KPN Research, ING Bank, IBM, TNO_STB, TU Delft

ICWAS, ICT en Complexe WaardeSystemen, TUDelft, CBS (2004-2005).Business for You (B4U) (2002-2003), Telematica Instituut Enschede, TNO-Telecom, TU Delft

Innovatie Scenarios voor het Intermediair kanaal (Innovation Scenarios for the Intermediary channel), Financial service industry consortium, (2003-2006).

Next Generation Infrastructure, Broadband Evolution, 2004-2008.

TopTech (small projects, AEGON, CSC) ongoing

Digital TV services Innovation Systems, 2006-2010.

Freeband Uexperience, BSIK-program, 2004-2008.

Reneser, R&D needs in Service Innovation, Commissioned by European Commission, Dialogic, 2006

Ketenintegratie in de retail. Dialogic, 2007

ICT and crisismanagement, TUD-TBM, 2008

Networked Governance (with Mueller), XS4AL, 2007- 2010

CBS Mobile data, Ministerie van Economische Zaken (2007-2010)

eBerea (eBusiness research by Euro_Asian Collaboration), EU Maria Curie Actions, 2009 -2011

Trans Smart Living (2008-2013), KPN, TNO, ICT.